Monday, December 27, 2010

mobile posts #1

well this would be my first ever post on this blog using my iPod. :) currently stuck in front of TV so i can't drag my laptop along since the wires are slightly less complicated than human's nervous system. T_T

currently watching arsenal vs chelsea, and i believe this time either a draw or a narrow chelsea win this time. hahaha. just done reading SDL, entah paham entah tidak, but at least i went thru it several times n nasib baik x banyak. so i have another excuse there. :p

harap2 esok (actually today since its already tuesday now) i wont doze off in the class. *fingers crossed. goodnight to all, n i'm going to focus on the match. cheers!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

lagu fav for the time being

lagu yang mellow..layan..probably if i had time i'll pick up my guitar and learn to play this song. oh aku yang asing..

p/s : hujan's new album rocks!

EXAM BARU HABIS i feel like trying to get serious in blog writing. is that a proper sentence after all? nvm. yes. this time i'm dead serious. (woh. mangat lebih. -____-)

today marks the end of our 1st block exam. forensics was the last paper, & i think its worth a while staying up till 4 (sbb mmg x sentuh lgsung notes forensic before) when answering the exam. bet ngn budak2 ni nk kua exam hall by 930 (exam starts at 900 & ends at 1015). bt somehow i took too much time but still i'm one of the early people to get out of the hall & ended up finishing at 940. forensics was surely the best paper out of all 4 subjects i guess. my patho & microbe... :( i was badly hit by fever & diarrhoea during those 2 papers. for my pharmac, still i'm not feelin well but ok lah. prediction for this block, no comment. T_T hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

after exams, went straight back home & watch syurgamu ramadhan. layan woiiiiiiiiiii. hahaha. some quotes in the series are..stricken directly to my heart perhaps? huhu. but overall its a decent series because moral values proprely incorporated in this series. kita ini cuma hamba Allah, dan bila2 masa saja Allah boleh tarik balik nikmat yang Dia pinjamkan kepada kita. jangan pernah lalai dan takbur dengan nikmat2 sbb Allah yang mempunyai hak ke atas pinjaman-Nya, dan kepada Allah lah sebaik baik tmepat kita kembali.

petang ada basketball game, originally schedueled at 530, but in the end got postponed (for the..umpteenth time god knows how many) & the game finally starts at 630. well, against batch 24 & obviously, 2 weeks of not doing any physical activity due to exams, my stamina is understandably PANCIT. yes, belum peluh pun dah pancit. wat de hek? T_T luckily the subs are quite numerous this time (3 is considered numerous for b25 team). one thing i was happy about the game today is i was kinda given some freedom to noodle around with the ball a lot. :p but still i was an epic fail at shooting. well, i was never a good shooter even when i was wakil sekolah before. i was a point guard! yup, i used to be short before, 160cm was my height when i started playing basketball. started playing during form 2, till f4, then i gave it up to focus on football. so here i kinda rediscovered my basketball touch (do i?). kinda...and we did manage to win the game, by a whisker. we played bad the whole game, probably because ktorg baru abis exam. (ALASAN...)

n lastly, straight to futsal court, & boy was it fun? yes! absolutely! :DDD ok..overjoyed lebih. haha. and then lepak bubble tea with blaine, iban, atiq & ipan. dh2..kepak dh nyawa aku naip..sapa soh smangat ilak awal2 tek. cerik asa. ok. mok tidoooo. goodnite n sorry for the short unnecessary rant there. :p

Friday, December 17, 2010

another post since a year

its been ages since i typed something here. pretty much sure nobody reads it after all. might be thinking of getting quite "serious" in keeping this blog up to date somehow. oh well, i think i shud be getting back on my microbes. these things are killing me inside out. T_T