Thursday, February 24, 2011

i am home!


its been a while since i updated this blog because i had block 2 exams for the past few weeks so need to stop distracting myself from these kind of "lagha" stuffs. currently at LCCT's food court (dizziness has started to kick in due to inadequate amount of sleep -.-). there's a lot things been happening around for the past few weeks and sure, i won't be able to type it all here.

so holiday time for 1 month onwards, i feel like i need to take this chance and spend my time well back in malaysia. it feels like just yesterday since i left for india to continue on 2nd year, but the feeling of excitement for homecoming has been overwhelming since the exam started. that is what me myself refer as the '2nd block syndrome'. you start to think conciously & subconciously about holidays, day & night. hahaha. my head is spinning around & headache also has come to join the dizziness..i'd excuse myself for now. insyaallah i'll be updating on the 3rd part of my story on getting to manipal (duh, x abis2 lagi ke..). happy holidays to all MMMC students & enjoy your holidays! :D


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bila dah nak exam

bila dah nak exam mula la buat benda yang jarang dibuat kalau x ada exam. (yes, studying itu misti).

time x ada exam, tak pernah pulak pegang gitar nak belajar lagu baru.
bila dah nak exam, tiba tiba rajin lah pulak nak angkat gitar. konon nak belajar lagu baru lah, konon nak main main ngan multieffect sebab bajet boleh dapat tone guitar macam gitar manson matt bellamy (3400++ pounds worth of money) padahal gitar sendiri gitar rm700++.

time x ada exam, tak pernah pulak nak pandang ps2 kat ruang tamu. (of course la, who plays ps2 nowadays kan?)
bila dah nak exam, tiba tiba semangat pulak ajak orang main ps2. tadi cakap dah x pandang pun ps2 sebelum ni.

time x ada exam, tak pernah pulak nak duduk depan tv tgok series, sitcom, game show, movies blablablabla.
bila dah nak exam, tiba tiba rajin pulak bukak tv carik cerita best (kononnya nak lepas tension). sampaikan semua channel yang ada pun kau balun. x pernah2 tengok bachelor & bachelorette, tiba2 tengok pulak.

tapi yang paling penting sekali, bila dah nak exam, saya sepatutnya membuka buku, menelaah sedalam dalamnya sampai lebam. haish. patutnya time x ada exam la update blog, ni time2 ada exam tetiba semangat nak update blog. -____-

p/s : all the best my batch 25 friends for upcoming class tests & block 2 exams!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dormant, latency

i gotta leave this blog just for a few weeks time since this coming weekend a pathology class test is coming up, then another 2 tests on microbiology & pharmacology is also there. so need to get myself focused & primed for those times. insyaallah after my block 2 exam i will complete the last part of my story of how i got here in manipal. :)