Monday, March 21, 2011


assalamualaikum. ok i know, my last post was on the 1st day i reached malaysia for my holidays. and now i'm about to go back for 2nd sem of 2nd year. i told that i would update this blog regularly (did i told that?) but, suprise2! i didn't. -.- i have a good reason for that.

1st is because i'm at home. no pressure like at manipal. so less urge to de'stress' myself like what i usually did back then. asal stress (kononnya stress belajar) bukak laptop. asal stress main gitar. but then mesti cover balik study la. :p at home, i don't really get online that often. i had other good things to do rather than sitting in front of laptop/PC.

2nd reason is because internet satu saje. i mean only 1 broadband in my house. celcom broadband (self proclaimed up to 7.2 mbps padahal mcm 512kbps). but still acceptable lah. youtube mmg x dpt buffer full upon watching mcm airtel 2mbps but still ok. so when my brothers are using the broadband, i can't use it. or if i'm using it, i won't use it for too long also. timbangrasa lah. hehe. if i intend to go online for long periods, only late midnight when sure no people use (occasionally my father would use also at this time).

nonetheless, no big deal on getting online at home. you have been online for most of the time in manipal, takkan nak online jugak kat rumah kan?

so what did i do during holidays then? duduk rumah lah! haha. yup. i didn't had a lot of stuffs going on during this holidays, but yes, i enjoyed it. duduk rumah is fine with me. yes, all of my friends live at other places, so that rules out hanging out with friends as an activity of holidays. but its ok. holidays are meant for family. :) most of the time spent playing with the only girl of my siblings, aisya sofea. :D kids are always adorable, & siblings are always loveable.

and i went back 2 both of my parent's kampung also. my father's at igan, and my mother's at rajang. its always a need to go back to kampung. :) meet my relatives & just being there is always a good thing to do.

the bad thing? i become a very very passive. no outdoor activites at all. my fitness surely dips down very badly. -.- haish. that's the downside of no friends around you. at least if i have some of you guys here maybe few futsal games or whatever would keep me active. i really need to iron out this passiveness when i get back in manipal soon.

i leave the best part of holidays at the last. food and delicacies! always a great stuff to get to. my home is at mukah, just moved from sibu about a year or so. mukah is a small town, riverside & dies after 9pm. and its has tons of seafood & riverfood(lol) supply! i eat prawns like keropok. mum's cupcakes. homemade ice creams. nestle drumstick. KFC. McD. and the list goes on. those are stuffs you can't find anywhere but malaysia (ok, KFC & McD is there in india but they are crappy compared to malaysia).how awesome a short 1 month holiday could be, and i wish it could have been longer but i have to accept the fact. later on when i become a doctor (insyaallah) i would probably have less time to spend with my family. :( so any available time, i must spend, use it well because time is essence, gold & most importantly, its irreplaceable.

thats it for now. will be leaving for KL on wednesday & cochin on thursday. oh this leaving part after holidays really2 sucks. hard. T_T



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