Friday, July 22, 2011

study break

ok. its been like 2 odd months since this blog is updated. and i'm surrounded by all sorts of guilt when writing this entry. "you should be studying" immediately rang inside my head. @_@ and a lot has happened along that 2 months++ gap. got new stuffs, learn a lot(obviously) and so on.

and it's the same stage again that i'm facing. so much time, yet so little to spend on. but honestly i believe this time things turned out much better compared to last year. last year had its moments, ups and mostly downs, and insyaAllah for all those that i've went through, i think i'm more mentally prepared to face UNIS.

and worry not, i always have my family, person who cares, friends, who always prayed and will continue to pray for my success. and that is the motivation that keeps me going on. insyaAllah i will do my best and won't let anyone down.

a week or so into the study week, i felt that i could have done better, maybe keeping up the pace since time is not on my side. speed reading may be a good idea but the knowledge is something that we need to retain, not something that we hold on to and let go afterwards. so, get going and keep studying! all the best to fellow friends of batch 25, not forgetting batch 27 & BDS 1 & 2 for your UNIS!

*P/S : this blog may remain dormant again probably till holiday. :B


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